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Im looking forward to beta tests. Wendy the Wendigo (Female) After a mysterious, masked physician cures you from a vicious plague, you start to feel some strange and unfamiliar cravings. Book best deals on Hunan Impression Hotel Changsha High-speed Railway South Station East Plaza in Changsha with Trip.com, where real guest reviews, high definition up-to-date hotel photos and the like can be checked. Sounds really cool. When attending a masquerade ball in a crowded ballroom, you feel your yearnings becoming increasingly harder to withstand. Follow Note: This game contains violence, non-explicit sexual content, and some profanity. Phone: 713-696-6600. Fremont, CA 94536 [MAP] Go Warriors! Synopsis: You are a vampire who has been transformed for a year, still struggling to adjust to your new life, and now part of the supernatural community at school. You will create memories that will last forever. Hit the button if youre ready to upload your game. Path to the Heavens The Visage Second Version I make the Gear in the ancient Altmer practice of creating in. Is this reality, or is it just a dream? Paul Baillargeon. Ocean, 14, a student at Haslingden High School . You play as a veteran cultist hunter with a checkered past returning to the job after a brief, failed retirement. #3 Raisbeck Aviation . South Bend Saint Joseph will play for its second sectional title in three years after cruising to a 50-27 win over New Prairie in Saturday's 3A Jimtown . Daily Health ScreenerQuestions: families should complete this with their students everyday before coming to campus, Weekly Covid Testing(link to register) for students and staff is available every Wednesday on campus. Youll then get to choose gender and personal style. You are "magically" transported to the world of Luneria. We are committed to building strong academic, artistic, and athletic traditions that have existed in our school community for many years, and we count on YOU to carry on those traditions. As explained by @daydreamsincolor in another thread: Ill try to compile a detailed, quick, image-accompanied guide on setting up and hosting your first game on dashingdon. Make your escape, get your revenge and help others if you can before it is too late. Warren East. Or will you perish? Apponequet 56, Shawsheen Valley Tech 41. Early Childhood Center, Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School, DeBakey High School for Health Professions, Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men, Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology Center, Windsor Village Vanguard Magnet Elementary, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). You are the heir of one of the most feared houses on the entire continent of El-lar, descended from cruel and powerful leaders and warriors, carrying your family's bloody legacy on your shoulders. Unravel the mysteries of the city-- one person at a time. If you purchase a product or register for . Wilmington StarNews. Rename it to the name of the game you're testing. And who will will you betray? SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) Detectives said Saturday that a fight involving three students at a Northern California high school began with an argument outside art class and . Rental Income and Expenses are estimations. Download the Washington High School App Today. Your only goal is to win. HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING:Local athletes to watch at the state championships Mainland led 30-27 after three quarters and extended its lead to five early in the final period. Updated gender/orientation/presentation coding, with more options in character creation (has some effects as of Day 1, e.g. You play as an heir of an old and noble, but decadent family of Martial Artists. As a newly fired detective, you must question your pursuit of justice and the allies youve made. 73k. There are 1,016 high schools in Washington, made up of 884 public schools and 132 private schools. Tools for Positive Mental Health Practices - English, Tools for Positive Mental Health Practices - Spanish, Mental Health Resources(888) 515-0595 |caresolace.com/fusd, Link to Calendar at District- includes Board Meetings and Ceremonies/Observances Events, Bob Moran, Principal Study and hone your skills in and out of school. Blackview High is a newly renovated high school in the poorest district of Yomino city. Synopsis: You are a vampire who has been transformed for a year, still struggling to adjust to your new life, and now part of the supernatural community at school. I assume one element of the game is how we get on with humans and the like. 1,185, The official Twitter of Cedar Rapids Washington High School, for the public to access and watch public meetings and district programming on KCKPS-TV. Thank you Chef Crystal Bounds for the delicious treat! So, thats it. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02. Contact. Superintendent Updates, Bell Schedule Surviving High School: Freshman Year (WIP), A few missing scenes (most are marked in advance), Aromantic/asexual coding midway through implementation, Vampire - Rich, can control people by feeding from them, some physical gifts, Werewolf - Loyal to their pack, athletic, strong, can shapeshift, Demon (Succubus/Incubus) - All about romance, has mind-controlled lovers who serve and protect her/him/them; can also change features. Meet new people and friends. Arlington High brought home 68- 4's (the highest score possible at the . Listed below are all public and private high schools located in Washington, District of Columbia. The school was formally dedicated on Armistice Day 1940. Mind blind, 5 or 6 romances, college setting, has Kenna, enough said. and The High School for The Engineering Professions, Learn more about the Platinum Certified Family Friendly School certification, Learn more about the Parent Organization certification, Carlos Phillips II, Ed.D., PrincipalPhone: 713-696-6600, On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to Washington High School. The No. Summary: This is going to be an urban dark fantasy interactive fiction game targeted at adults and focused on romance. We look forward to seeing both our returning students and families and meeting our new students and families for the first time. An Arthurian romance game! Please stay tuned for the new date. And incredibly strange, yet familiarBut the strangest, In a world where everybody can feel where their soulmate is, you are a lone Parisian barista who does not share such a feeling. It's fate within your hands: whether you will restores its previous glory or will let it collapse under turbulent tides of the Martial World is up to you. Interested how you went with Wendigo instead of Zombie. Spend a year in an all girls school full of vampires. I am seriously considering making every non-player character a set gender, and letting people who arent interested in dating that gender skip those romance options/date storylines if they want. (Hint: This first one is only for the wendigo.). The 2023 Best Public High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Depending on how it develops the characters and has our protagonist make a decisive decision, it can be a very enjoyable experience. 25 Feb/23. When you enroll at an isolated boarding school deep in the Lake District, everything is not as it seems. The stadium, auditorium, and gymnasium were added in 1940. Make your own games with ChoiceScript Host your ChoiceScript game at DashingDon . 2023 Minnesota ProStart Teacher of the Year : Kelly Delacruz of New Richmond-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva High School. Hi everyone. Admin Office Hours 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Main Office: 425-936-1700 Fax: 425-576-0539 Counseling Office School Hours Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Counseling, Enrollment, Withdrawal Transcripts & Records Registrar: Courtney Lewis Counseling: 425-936-1702 Counseling Fax: 425-936-1750 Absence /Late Arrival Attendance Hotline: 425-936-1701 Intro post - 1/23/15 Update - 1/28/15 Character creation scene is finished. Great! Click on the name of the game you're testing. Washington High will hold it annual Showcase on 2/23/23 from 6:00-8:00 PM. The first Bad End (the game ending early and unfortunately for your character, following a certain series of choices) has been written in. Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. - denimdayinfo.org WELCOME to the 'HOME OF THE EAGLES" this is interesting im keeping my eye on this hope to see a demo soon I cant wait to be a wendigo. Dashingdon; PLAYING A GAME MY BROTHER MADE! Washington County School District - All Rights Reserved 2020, November 7 and February 27 (Click for more info), Venmo name: @deserthillsthunder2021 (click to be taken to our Venmo). What legacy will you create for yourself as the Emperor of the demon realm? ), I have written text adventures and done basic coding before, so its progressing really well. COLE AMAYA Principal of Washington high School 913-627-7800 cole.amaya@kckps.org Your father's expectations are upon you, demanding.. Update - 4/25/15 Part of the nightlife scenes for demons or vampires, if they go out to a bar or club after school. Enjoy your time exploring our website and contact us with any questions you may have. At least, that's what the prophets say, and they're never wrong. George Washington High School SFUSD uplifts the achievements and history of Black Americans all year and especially during the month of February. Place markers have been added for two new scenes in progress- a conversation with Wendy if you previously bonded with her at lunch, and a locker room scene at the beginning of gym. Will you investigate, or is High School already too overwhelming? Attendance Line (319)653-4838. for directions to WHS. Click the title above to read more. The data displayed is compiled from the most recent sources available. 5. High Schools in District of Columbia High Schools in Washington, DC Map of Washington, DC with School District Boundaries Listed below are all public and private high schools located in Washington, District of Columbia. dashingdon high school. Quick Links Aesop Kronos Email Daily Announcements PowerSchool Links Show All Links Beliefs We believe: Update - 2/2/15 You are infected, but you've somehow retained consciousness. Click here to see our NEW Dress Code for the 2022-2023 School Year. Wednesday Early Release Time:12:20 p.m. KCKPS-TV is the cable access channel for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. Read moreClick below to learn more about our principal and his passion for our students, staff, and school: HEB Principal of the year video. Trans or non-binary characters will experience the most differences through the uncomfortable part of your day option; the reserved option focuses on species differences. Adventurers all across the land flock to them, seeking wealth and fame. You are all awesome. Unravel the mysteries of the city-- one person at a time. W3C AA WCAG Letter | ADEPT - Accessibility/Non-discrimination, English Learner Advisory committee (ELAC), WHS College and Career Resource Center Homepage, ANNOUNCEMENTS: WHS College and Career Center, Apprenticeships, Career Exploration and Jobs, Summer/Year-Round Programs and Internships, Undocumented Students, Foster Youth and Visa Holders, English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), Student Newspaper of Washington High School, Community Service Hours - Service Learning, Washington Registration: Register and Enrollment, Community Service Hours Verification Form, Parent/Family LCAP Survey 2023 | Encuesta de padres/familia | /, Student Daily Health/COVID-19 Screener/, Infinite Campus Parent Portal information, Infinite Campus Proof of Residency Information, Video - COLLEGE INFORMATION NIGHT / NOCHE DE INFORMACIN UNIVERSITARIA / , Spring into STEAM EVENT March 29 DOWNTOWN EVENT CENTER @ 4 PM, March 6th @ 6pm: CAASPP Information Session | Entendiendo el CAASPP | . The outside world is an afterthought, a reality far removed from all you have ever known. You play as a thief pressed into the employ of a mysterious nobleman. And for Vampires what physical gifts? The first day society collapsed and the toxic smoke rolled in billions and billions of humans Thank you a lot! Physically, theyre a human of slim, unimposing appearance who can become a blur of needle teeth and razor claws. But confronted with a challenge you have never met before, a babe abandoned and in need of care, you begin to see the world flushed anew in vi. Welcome to Washington HighSchool! Szaal May 5, 2019, 3:50pm #4 This guide will guide you through the process of 1) creating a dashingdon.com account, 2) uploading your (first) game, and 3) making sure your game is playable. District Protocols G Ryan Lafferty, Mount Spokane, jr. 21 points, three rebounds, six assists Thank you for you attention and taking your time. You need the Rkund Control Cube from the Sepulcher to unlock the door fully. District-wide this school year, 2,738 serious incidents have been reported; 356 . You will only meet with your b day classes and there will be no advisory. (No Ratings Yet) To report a student absence or for assistance, please email your student's attendance clerk: A-G - Julie Johnson x67144, jjohnson@fusdk12.net H-O - Irene Barroso x67145, ibarroso@fusdk12.net Please read our Dress Code modification due to the cooler weather. There will be at least three main endings with variations. This means there won't be an option to not romance anyone, I know this might be disappointing but it's the game we want to make. High-scoring guard Jaedyn Brown and the Greyhounds probably long to erase the sting of last year's loss in the title game when Lynden held them to just 34 points and 26% shooting. You will be able to select your gender (Male/Female/Its Complicated) and sexual orientation (Straight/Gay/Bi/Asexual), which would change all potential romance options to your gender of choice (or if bisexual/asexual there are defaults for each, split evenly gender-wise. https://dashingdon.com/go/825 For over a decade, you've kept yourself tucked away inside the safety of land and home. tickets, donation to football, volleyball fundraiser), Put in the amount of purchase and push PAY, Show your screen to your worker/student/coach to verify the payment was sent, *please assure you are using the correct account listed here on our website, 828 East Desert Hills DriveSaint George, Utah 84790T: 435.674.0885F: 435.674.2606. *Cue: Imminent disaster. Esta encuesta permanecer abierta hasta el 10 de marzo de 2023. Make your mark here and take charge of your life. Dunbar, which serves grades 9 through 12, is a part of the . Phone (319)653-2143. Chantal/Caleb the Succubus/Incubus/'Cubus (Polygendered, changes appearance from male to female) I assume humans dont attend the school? Our school takes many of the feelings that you get from small schools, but provides you with large school experienceswe believe that makes us one of a kind. They are mysterious things. However, everything changes when several people suddenly appear in your life, claiming to be your soulmates. We commit to the growth of student learning, behavior, citizenship, participation and service. The school was built on a budget of $8,000,000, on a site overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. A Seedcomp 2023 Game :) What happens once you confess it to a complete stranger? It will cover most of the first day of school and the monsters home life after school. . The survey window will remain open through March 10, 2023. Every year our school district gathers input to inform the writing of our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and this year we ask that you please complete the following survey to help inform our work. Ive been meaning to do something like this forever but now I dont have to. 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM You play as a dark overlord who has been caught in a strange mystery. Our Thunder Family is committed to student learning and ensuring that every student knows they belong. Immediately after you created a game entry, this is what you will see. I don't know for sure, hoping to post the rest of chapter 3 sometimes in November! In order to contact parents in the event of an emergency, it is imperative that contact information is updated. Your school is a fairly regular high school, except for some of the students being monsters. also will you be able to choose what skin, eyes and hair colour your character has. Top Ranked Washington Schools. #TheWarriorWay #BHM #BlackExcellence, Full house on Valentines Day to enjoy our Orchestras Annual Dessert Concert. (510) 505-7300 Phone dashingdon IF WIP recs (with keywords for my memory's sake) alphabetical now for easier navigation! Will update soon with the first day of home life after school, and the rest of the first day's classes. First day of school (including most periods) added. Enjoy your time exploring our website and contact us with any questions you may have. Is there a way back home? For private schools this is the 2015-2016 school year. Theres more going on in the town you swore to serve and protect, can you solve the crime? With the your life, the fate of your guild, and your honor on the line, you'll have to navigate the perils of the royal court and combat a more mystical threat. Bullying and crime run rampant, and there's been a string of rumors about students disappearing. Benny the Goblin (Male) Blue = Public, Traditional | Yellow = Public, Selective | Green = Charter | Orange = Private, Washington Metropolitan Area Catholic High Schools, http://profiles.dcps.dc.gov/H.D.+Woodson+High+School, https://checdc.org/bell-multicultural-high-school.html, Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School, https://www.youthbuildpcs.org/about-ybpcs, British International School of Washington, https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/bisw-washington. Alliance to help you order the best food at fair price online > Martinsburg herald picks! (WIP) Your life is no longer yours. ), There are currently five romance options planned (one from each species you are not currently playing, plus a human - this would go up to six if a sixth class is introduced.) Best High Schools Washington, DC Metro Area District of Columbia districts District of Columbia High Schools Education Home 220 high schools Sort by: I'm looking for Private Schools. Click on the public or private school to view that specific high school's details. NEW! For as long as you can remember, you've had psychic powers. The crown on your head wasn't gained without a price. It will cover most of the first day of school and the monsters' home life . Names will be listed at 1:30 on Friday, November 4, 2022. Gracias por su tiempo y ayuda. The Booker T. Washington High School Family is proud of our Assistant Principal. Best free asian dating sites 2020, dating dgn - dating dgn: Dating tonight game. 1 in the NJ.com Top 20, collected another NJSIAA Non-Public B title on Friday at Rutgers with a 68-59 win over No. Related Articles Preps | Lutheran boys rally late, topple Alamosa . Do you have what it takes for the last shot? TOP PERFORMERS. Main characters (with default names/genders): Edits, etc. I might have been able to accept a human being with a vampire and live, but for him to have the personality of cardboard? https://smarturl.it/x2055xFollow Sleepy Hallow:https://www.instagram.com/_sleepyhallow_/https://twitter.com/SleepyHallow83https:. died, but with all that death something new was created Zombies. ben suarez bread / joseph wiley kim burrell / preguntas y respuestas de la casa de bernarda alba I plan to release the next demo update this weekend. Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), Student Code of Conduct & Parent/Student Handbook, Online Application for Free & Reduced Meals, Frontline (formerly AESOP) Absence Management, Old Employee Portal (district network only), Basketball: Boys 8th vs. Carl B Bruce MS vs. Central (Away), Basketball: Boys 8th vs. Gloria Willis MS vs. Arrowhead (Home), Basketball: Boys C-Team (Cancelled) vs. JC Harmon (Away), Basketball: Boys JV vs. JC Harmon (Home), Basketball: Girls JV (Cancelled) vs. JC Harmon (Away), Basketball: Girls Varsity (Time Changed) vs. JC Harmon (Away), Basketball: Boys Varsity vs. JC Harmon (Home), Basketball: Boys 8th vs. Gloria Willis MS vs. Rosedale (Away), Basketball: Boys 8th vs. Carl B Bruce MS vs. Sumner (Home), Basketball: Girls JV (Cancelled) vs. Southeast High School (Away), Family Advocacy Day - No School for Students, No School for Early Childhood - Professional Development .5/Plan Time .5, Board of Education School Naming Committee Meeting, Holiday - No School - Administrative Offices Closed, Budget Documents & Accountability Reports. dashingdon game of thrones dashingdon game of thrones (No Ratings Yet) Looking for unknown, genuinely good fics: can #, Fix it '' > non-ship based fanfictions: TheCitadel . Mar 04. Ill probably also post a few random scenes Ive finished so I can get some feedback on those. Ring, ring, ring. You are an immortal who believed yourself to have seen it all, settling with seeing only in shades of gray. As principal, I am thankful to be able to work among highly trained teachers and staff who have prepared themselves for another amazing journey in education. JUNIORS click on this link to sign up for ACT practice during Homeroom time. Trinia academy, there is like nine ROs, college setting. But when ghosts of the past threaten to plunge the galaxy into another war, you must burn your past or embrace it anew. Not. The fight with Artemis or Hunter in sixth period is finished, with different options and outcomes by species. As we prepare to enter another school year, as always, it is with great honor, humbleness and dignity for me to serve as the proud 10th principal of the . School type Public Traditional Charter Magnet Private Religion Catholic Christian Jewish Islamic Paul Laurence Dunbar High School is a historically black public secondary school located in Washington, D.C. View More September 01 2022-2023 DHS Teacher of the Year Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Dixon-Hooks! All monsters have a human form they assume for the sake of school (its easier for some than others.) Jamie Last (changeable name) has spent the last couple weeks on a summertime high. The entire staff of Washington High School welcomes you. A presentation will be given for INCOMING 9TH GRADE STUDENTS in the cafeteria from 6:00-6:30 PM. The wendigo is well-suited to combat. Create your own text game-. Go on missions on behalf of the school. (@Elfwine made a good case for that here - Surviving High School: Freshman Year (WIP)). However, not all Harems are as terrible. Why did you get here? Welcome Welcome to Washington High School! I do reading and writing, I dont do IT geek, this stuff is literally a new language to me. Try keep it short so that it is easy for people to scan your page. I pinned this in Game Development - if you feel it should be pinned elsewhere, just move the thread to the desired sub-fora. Click Here for Directions to Washington Golf & Country Club (Golf/Cross Country. Dungeons. - Minor changes and updates to distinguish the species and clarify what each can do. Make changes to the header and footer on the "Edit Header and Footer" tab on the left. Thanks for taking the time to write that up and provide screenshots @Szaal! Please check back for updated COVID protocols when visiting our campus. That sounds intresting. #2 International School 445 128th Ave Se, Bellevue, Washington 98005. Someone had attacked and killed your people all done in your name. Is the game you're testing hosted on Dashingdon? The districts Communications Office operates and manages KCKPS-TV, which airs content 24-hours, every day of the week. Nobody knows how they come to be, but everyone knows they come hand in hand with danger and reward. #TheWarriorWay, Warrior Speech does it again! You can also just leave it blank, if you dont want to bother about it. Monster Codex - as you meet monsters or hear them mentioned, they get an entry off of the stat screen with more details. Sounds interesting, especially the range of monster races. Or will you be consumed by apathy? Welcome to Washington High School The School District of Washington is rich in tradition and we are proud of our accomplishments. Locker room scene - added to Day 1 gym. Franklin-Simpson. Take the initiative to get involved. Please contact our main office if you have any questions. Notable changes: What's Happening. Sleep Hallow - 2055 out now! #1 Tesla STEM High School 4301 228th Ave Ne, Redmond, Washington 98053. Please check back for updated COVID protocols when visiting our campus. If you clicked Return to the Dashboard button at the top, youll see your game entry on your previously-blank dashboard. That also applies to whichever one you decide to play. (LCAP) , Student Daily Health/COVID-19 Screener/ Voice messages are checked daily. South Warren. The working title is Monster High. Blackview High is a newly renovated high school in the poorest district of Yomino city. ), Update - the five monster characters will have default genders if they are NPCs, two human options will switch to their opposite gender version if that is the players preference, and the demon character can change their physical presentation from male to female (again if that is what the player prefers.). In. National Denim Day To support survivors and to educate ourselves and others about all forms of sexual violence. What's a smart, human-savvy cockatoo to do when dastardly bird traffickers come to the forest? Washington High School is a part of the Washington School District and has around 272 students and 10 varsity sports. Its a sweet way to spend the evening! Ava Dixon got the Lakers off to a strong start, scoring 18 of her team-high 22 points in the first half to power No. 2023 Best High Schools in the Washington, D.C. Area Best schools Most diverse Best teachers College prep View on map Search type Schools Districts Grade level Clear filter Pre-K Elementary Middle High school Highest grade offered Select a grade. 8 Martensdale-St . 1 Algona Bishop Garrigan Golden Bears took another step closer to their goal of repeating as Class 1A state champions with their imposing quarterfinals win over the No. MonsterNet - the internet by and for monsters, updates with new articles each in-game day (introduced Day 2.) The exception is the demon, who can choose whatever appearance they prefer from a list of options. royal affairs is similar to creme dela creme (and is also a prequel to it) and also has a school setting. Fernweh Saga is a character driven, romance focused, interactive fiction with slow-build horror elements that unravel as you move deeper into the plot. More Info. ^NEW LINK jim martin death couples massage class san diego beaver falls football dashingdon game of thrones. Now, war is at your doorstep once again and you're the only one who can bridge the gap as a Commander of the country that invaded your homeland. Poll: What kind of gender options do you prefer in games you're playing? The goal of the monthly theme is to provide resources and supports for teachers in order to bring awareness and appreciation to the diverse population of students in our district. #TheWarriorWay, Not only do we provide unique experiences, we a. chieve at high levels in the classroom, sports facilities, and performance spaces while we also edify students through clubs and leadership opportunities. I have a soft spot for the idea of a Goblin and Succubus getting together especially. You are now a member of the Sequi Imperfecta, a group of seemingly worthless youths who will soon undergo the Iron Guard's Induction Trials at the esteemed Academiae. @Szaal, Can we get this stickied/pinned somewhere? Your luggage in hand you all settle into line to head towards your school of higher education. Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Wanna toss in a few bucks towards server costs? Infinite Campus Parent Portal information New_Era. Update - 1/28/15 Carlos Phillips II, Ed.D., Principal. Washington (WIAA) high school 4A/3A girls basketball state playoffs: Trophy-game recaps, top performers, all-tournament teams. Students competed by discussing their artworks with a judge who then scored their work on a scale from 1-4. We provide a variety of viewing options Wow, what a great assembly we had yesterday! Expanded home life sections for everyone (werewolf has only minor additions, goblin has a new experiment to work on, wendigo has more options for their day off; vampire and demon are not finished but new scenes have been added.) After being given your grandmother's tarot deck, you start seeing some hints that not all is right in the world of the spirits and fae and you're about to be pulled into it. There is a reason why there are so many monsters in an otherwise human town, but it remains a mystery for most of the game. Looking forward to playing as a Vampire and Succubus, Always happy to have a chance to play as a werewolf. See if you can find it! Set in a time when Arabia was dominated by jinn and gods, you play as the crown heir of a (mostly) unified kingdom.

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